I was never into baking until a friend made me do a cake class with her. I ended up completing all the classes and continued to explore. In the meantime I was going to school for my Bachelor's in Health Science, and then my Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I was always in the healthcare field and made friends and family cakes for fun and to practice. Now, I have completely spread my wings in designing amazing cakes so others can enjoy.


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Here is a short Q & A with your baker!

What is your favorite flavor of cake?
Monica: I love a good chocolate cake.

What genre of cake do you enjoy making the most?
Monica: I love the creativity involved in all cakes, but I particularly enjoy wedding cake and adult themed cakes.

What is your favorite holiday?
Monica: I love Halloween more than any other holiday. I also enjoy making all kinds of Halloween cakes, from cute to gruesome, and everything in between.

How long have you been baking and decorating cakes?
Monica: I have been baking and designing cakes for her a decade now. Time flies when you’re having fun.

What is something unique about you?
Monica: I did a fitness competition awhile ago, and in the transition to eating healthy to get really fit for that, I created my own protein donuts that have zero sugars! Now I bake them for clients.